The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right CBD Product

At Cannaviri, we get asked all the time which of our CBD products we’d recommend, and the answer is: it depends.

We decided to poll our staff to give you the insider’s guide to our favorite method for taking CBD hemp oil so you could decide how the different products stack up. After all, who knows more about the unique benefits of each CBD product than those working at a company that makes them?

Here’s what we had to say at Cannaviri about our favorite CBD hemp oil products:

Cannaviri Capsules

“The capsules are the easiest to take. I don’t have to worry about an aftertaste, plus you can take them at any time of day,” said Kim, our marketing manager. “I don’t have to have a full stomach, which is convenient when you’re on the go all the time.”

Suggestions for taking:

“I like to take them with my morning smoothie so that I get them first thing into my system,” Kim said.

 Cannaviri Tinctures

Tinctures are ideal for me because i don’t like the taste of cannabis, so i can add it to my juice or tea. Also, i like that i can customize how much i take depending on the day, “said Vanessa. “I’d recommend tinctures to anyone who wants that option.”

Suggestions for taking:

“I usually add a dropper-full in my drink with dinner, or in my tea before bed,” Vanessa said. “Sometimes, I’ll add two.”

Cannaviri Ejuice

“Our ejuice is ideal for anyone who likes to smoke but wants a healthier option,” said Matthew, our CEO. “You can vape almost anywhere, and our ejuice comes in multiple flavors.”

Suggestions for taking:

“Start slow,” Matt said. “There’s no need to take massive draws when vaping. You can make your CBD last longer by taking small puffs as opposed to big smoke clouds.”




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