The Advent of Self-Medication

Now more than ever, people are standing up for their choice to heal.

The world is speaking up about CBD and its plethora of health benefits – but the fight for the free use of Cannabinoids is only beginning.

For years, people around the world have been incarcerated for the possession of Marijuana and Hemp – plants with a history of benefits that have been suppressed by governing powers and strictly regulated guidelines.

Only in the past 2 or 3 years are we beginning to open up to the possibility of a world largely connected with cannabis – and self-medication is beginning to be a choice given back to the people.

Self Medication is separate from substance abuse, the two are NOT one and the same. Feeling shameful for making the choice to manage your pain is something no one should feel. As with all things, overdoing it can lead to nasty side effects – Self-medication requires you to be in control and can prove to be a test in personal empowerment.

Each day, it seems more and more new products in the cannabis industry pop up and become available. CBD Tinctures being the obvious choice for pain relief – and THC for those looking for a recreational experience with a managable psychoactive drug.

We’re beyond excited for what will change and develop in the next few years of cannabis. We’re excited to see the new ways of people go about tackling their pains and we’re over the moon that more people will be making the choice to add CBD to their list of alternative healing methods.

If you choose to self medicate – always consult with a doctor or registered practitioner. Cannabis, especially those products containing THC, may not be the right fit for you and may lead to symptoms worsening. Always seek professional guidance when deciding to accept new healing methods into your life.

Cannaviri is an advocate for freedom of choice. We see the positive effects that natural remedies have on lives around the world, and we aim to be a catalyst in the movement of not only increasing education around CBD but also actively engaging in producing and distributing it.

You can find all things CBD in our shop, here.

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