In recent years, aided by a decrease in government involvement and an increase in public awareness, cannabidiol (CBD) has seen popularity grow exponentially. What was, just a few years ago, seen as a specialized, and often marginalized, niche product is now a mainstay in health food stores, supplement shops and naturopathic clinics.

instagram - cbdoil Naturally, here at Cannaviri, we are excited by this development, as increasing the availability and cultural acceptance  of CBD are two outcomes our company strives towards daily.However, this newfound popularity is something of a double edged sword. While the growth of our industry is a net positive development overall, the rapid explosion in the popularity of hemp based products has produced some problems for consumers.

In addition to the countless legitimate companies looking to bring high quality hemp products to the market, there are unfortunately a significant number of producers looking to exploit our rapidly expanding industry. Some upstart producers will rely on misleading marketing and deceptive advertising to make a quick buck. A google search for purchasing CBD oil turns up almost 6 million hits, but the vast majority of these companies provide no concrete evidence of their products quality.


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Unethical, and often unqualified, these businesses make claims about their product that, quite bluntly, are false and/or scientifically suspect. When consumers are bombarded with half truths and questionable marketing schemes, this can create a culture of distrust around the entire industry and people may lose faith in the product itself. This does not sit right with us, and for this reason, we would like to provide potential CBD consumers with a few tips for ensuring that you don’t fall prey to a snake oil salesman while trying to purchase CBD oil.

One of the major red flags for a questionable CBD supplier is a too good to be true price point. With CBD oil, it pays to go with quality over price. The simple fact of the matter is that a CBD oil is only as good as the CBD concentration contained within it. These bargain basement prices, enticing as they may be, are often the result of inferior industrial hemp, sourced from jurisdictions that lack the oversight and quality assurance found in more regulated regions, such as the United States. This industrial hemp might technically be extracted into CBD oil, but the concentration will undoubtedly be low. The truth is, it is not cheap to extract an oil with a high CBD percentage, so if someone is offering the oil at an unbelievable price, there is a good chance the product will not work as advertised. 

Another growing concern, as mentioned earlier, are companies that make false claims as to what their product can do, from curing cancer to easing anxiety. There are already a number of great benefits to CBD, and as research funding increases, one day perhaps CBD will be proven to help cure terminal diseases, anxiety or diabetes. However, as of right now, and companies selling you a ‘miracle cure’ may not have your best interests at heart. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide why they want to purchase CBD oil, and up to the seller to explain why their CBD oil is a good choice.

Cannaviri's Colorado Hemp Farm

Cannaviri’s Colorado Hemp Farm


Responsible producers and suppliers of quality CBD should be able to provide an accurate cannibidiol concentration for their product, as well as some form of lab analysis certification, the source of their hemp, the location of their facility and so on. Without these things, they are simply marketing a questionable and inferior product. As far as your health is concerned, it is important to know what you are ingesting into your body.  Finally, it is important to ensure that the CBD oil you purchase does not contain psychoactive compounds. One of the major selling points of CBD is that it does not get the user high. When extracted correctly, it is scientifically proven to be anti-psychoactive. The process of extracting beneficial non-psychoactive compounds from hemp and producing CBD requires money and effort. Some companies look to cut corners and do not complete this process with due diligence, while others are simply ignorant to the correct method. Either way, it is always recommended that a consumer checks the label to ensure that there are no trace elements of THC or other psychoactive ingredients prior to purchasing a CBD product.


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We hope these tips help you when navigating the often confusing CBD market and you find what you are looking for.

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AUTHOR: Matt Kyska
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